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Apparently my friend Val at Valociraptor saw this floating around and gave it try, and now I'm doing the same.

I sounds like 10 artistic confessions or some shit.

1. I tend to go into phases as an artist and as a person, where a certain piece of media is all encompassing in my thoughts, (i.e. Pokemon obsessions or being obsessed with "Let it Go" from Frozen) and these things either become the only thing I'll draw or write about for a short time, or be the primary inspiration for most of my pieces (i.e. My Half-Orc fire sorceress I posted here on dA a while back was inspired but Fire AU! Elsa that was floating all over tumblr at the time)

2. I have recently discovered that I can not do digital work, at least not very well, without a traditional set up to work with, meaning, I can not sit with my tablet in my lap on my couch connected into my laptop and get anything to come out decent. However, If I'm sitting at my desk, with my tablet plugged into the same computer It'll be much easier for me to work well. This does not apply to drawing in a sketch book traditionally, so I attribute this to the fact that I learned how to do both of these drawing methods with these positions or set ups in mind, so adjusting to a new way of doing it is cumbersome.

3. I am guilty of surface drawing, and It's a habit I seriously need to break. Sometimes not fully fleshing out a character's anatomy before hand and drawing the entire image, body with clothing and all, before finishing the entire anatomical structure. This obviously leads to wonky anatomy, improper proportions and numerous other artistic problems that I either never catch, at least not right away, or have to spend time editing when I take the image into photoshop. 

4. Despite the fact that I am 20 something adult like entity, living on my own, in a committed relationship and enjoy sex and smut as much as any other person, I still can not bring myself to draw it without feeling ashamed or perverted which is entirely silly and immature. Especially considering how much I used to love to RP the damn stuff.

5. I tend to save more sketches and just draw more in general than I tend to upload to share online, especially compared to my younger years here on dA. I don't know if it's because my unfinished works, due to the natural decline of companions here on dA, tend to receive less attention from my colleagues and therefore see little discussion or If I've simply grown more vain and don't desire to "Show off" things I consider sub par or lesser.

6. While I am very proud of my progress as an artist, I have severely slowed in speed of growth over the last few years due to increasing responsibility and this has admittedly been a bit depressing. Living on my own, going to school and working full time has disallowed me to truly spend the time drawing like I did in high school and earlier years which is crying shame. This has also lead me to see other artists of similar age to me, maybe a year or so older, who are further along than me, and sometimes become crestfallen at my seeming lack of progress. However, I usually use these people as motivators and inspirations for my own work, examples being Sonicrocksmysocks aka Kylee Henke, Yamino aka Elena Barbarich (probably spelled incorrectly and I apologize), even people like Andrew Hussie.

7. I desire to do more stories or continues works that are several connecting pieces (like a web comic or image series) but find myself often unable to come up with ideas, or having basic ideas but unable to flesh a story out to the fullest. This I find strange, as this only applies to this concept, as developing stories to be played out for Pathfinder or any tabletop game as a GM, such as my upcoming Vesper Pathfinder Campaign which has a very complicated character driven story within it, is no problem but doing the same for web comics and what not in which I have to create every system present (such as how magic functions and its rules within the universe I am writing) seem to be more difficult for me to imagine, which places like Pathfinder (which establishes how the magic and world function but allow me to create my own setting within it) are easier. I also think this is attributed to the fact that its easier to do collaborative story telling than stand alone story telling ,in my opinion, as you have multiple ideas from multiple people all critiquing and analyzing the work as its being developed.

8. My art is extremely whim / mood based, essentially fickle, and it terrifies me that this is the case, seeing as I want to turn this into my professional career some day. Creating characters, or designs, or even doodles can essentially impossible, at least do with any sort of quality to them, at random for me due to extreme art block for lack of inspiration, or sometimes skill even. I learned this the hard way in High school when I took an AP art class to try and kill off a college credit or two of art before I hit the actual campus, and due to the strict schedule, usually a teacher approved theme illustration (which we would do 15-30 or so images for over the course of the entire year) plus an artistic study (in which you try and mimic the techniques of  or duplicate a famous piece of a famous artist like Picasso or something) plus images for your breath section which is essentially just showing off different skills sets you have and your variety as an artist, all due in about the same time frame every week was exhausting and truly made me hate my art class, something I've never experienced. I didn't like my theme, had trouble nailing one down that would hold my attention for a damn year, struggled with artistic studies, and found myself emotionally drained by the time I was given free reign to draw what I actually wanted. I experienced this problem again when I was commissioned by my Uncle, who owns a Cellphone repair business, to create his logo. Only knowing in a minor sense what he wanted, it forced me to create upwards of 40 different designs for this logo with little to no direction, until he eventually found one he liked. While I understood the desire to see and choose from a large variety, it left me emotionally drained and I found the environment difficult to work with. I'm used to people, when asked to draw something, who tend to know exactly what they want, I draw it once, maybe two or three times, before they nailed down the version they like, I finish it out and then receive my compensation. I will say I tend to contribute my lack of motivation in formal art classes as of late to one fact. Every art class I have been in has an extreme focus on traditional media, or at least, a desert bone dry lack of focus on digital media. This is strange to me, seeing as I'm a DIGITAL MEDIA MAJOR WITH NO DIGITAL MEDIA BASED COURSES. which I find infuriating to NO END. I understand the merits of traditional media, and have a high respect for those who excel at it, such as my good friend Abby aka FountainStranger here on dA, but I have been focusing on and chosen as my tool of the trade digital media since early middle school. I do not perform or have the skills on par with college level artwork in this field that's why its not my major, and yet it never receives focus, and most of the time its avoided purposefully which causes me to get irritated being unable to show my true skill level in a graded system. I'm hoping this won't hurt my ability to perform in a perfessional space, where I'll hopefully be working based upon my skill merit and be hired on for the skill I excel in. Or I'll be working freelance as a digital media artist and it won't matter anyway.

9. My process for drawing comics, the few times I do, I believe is rather interesting. I tend to draw really quick, blob-like, chibi-esque or simple pages at first. Usually these pages are not particularly organized, or should I say, aren't organized in the way they'll appear in the final version of the page. I then tend to go back and redraw the panels, if I'm not keeping the chibi or light style, in a more fully fleshed way when it comes to objects, and character models or major pieces in the shot (like buildings or tree lines), then I take this into photoshop and create the page layout by copy pasting the scan, stretching or editing the size and shape of the panels into the layout as desired. Then I outline the panels, do the line art and coloring, and then add any text panels or effects. I also tend to, in the planning stage, not incorporate the text into the actual panel itself usually writing it around or above / below the panel in question. Seems to work well for me so far at least. 

10. my favorite thing to draw in characters or character designs. I love building new people in either my own settings or as fan characters in fan settings. While I don't really draw anthros anymore, I felt they stunted my growth as an artist aspiring to be a professional artist someday, I do appreciate the aesthetic and gladly view art that includes them. Something about writing a character, who they are as a person into existence just fills me with a joy. I can look back as these character and remember their plights, struggles, desires, or just their look and personality and truly return to a place in my life. While I don't use my old furry/anthro characters anymore I can look back at them fondly and remember friends who've I've grown distant with over time, usually through no fault of them or myself, or simply a time of growth as writer or artist. Some day I just may revisit some of these old characters from 08 - 06 and recreate them. I've retooled some old characters, for example a scantily clad demon huntress named Freya, into new and different pathfinder characters based on their better characteristics and design choices, my werewolf paladin character Frieda was based off of Hawke from Dragon Age (female version of course) and Freya's morality, and the concept of a werewolf demon hunter character I had created that never took off.

While I doubt anyone will, if you're curious about anything else I do as an artist, feel free to ask.

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Whitney or, Theixwyn
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello All.
My name is Whitney, know as Flaredrake20 here on dA and most everywhere else.
The obsessions ever changing and the RPs never stopping, I'm just a crazy teen who believes that she has a life. When, in actuality, she merely wastes her best years being an artist, with a computer, crammed in a room...
and is enjoying ever minute of it~

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